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It’s Ushna, the founder of Appliancesguidepro.com. Covering food-relevant activities is my passion and having scrumptious food on the table is my everyday desire.

Someday, I stood at your place, wondering about the best kitchen appliances. After all, it’s about ease of use and making the chores quicker and simpler at little cost.

One useful resource is what I was looking for every TINY query on appliances, like how to use and clean one. Did found some, but it was a hard time collecting the info from multiple Forums and Hundreds of Sites.

Coming across the hassle, I thought, why not be the ONE useful resource?

So, here I am.

Every article here on the site is written using my insights and experiences in the kitchen. I collect the reviews globally to better address problems and solutions of a specific appliance.

Here, you’ll find honest and unbiased reviews on the best Slicer, Water dispensers, Stand Mixer, Air Fryer, Rice Cooker, Ice Cream Maker, and Grills.