Vospeed Stand Mixer Review

Vospeed Stand Mixer Review – Ultimate Space-Saving Kitchen Appliance

Want to buy a stand mixer, blender, and grinder but have the budget and space for only one? Get your baking enthusiasm high like us because after testing 20+ stand mixers for 40 hours, we found Vospeed 5-in-one stand mixer that marks check in all boxes.

As the name implies, it has a built-in blender, meat grinder, and stand mixer. It’s also compact and takes minimal space on the countertop. So today, we are presenting a Vospeed stand mixer review so you can evaluate if it’s perfect for your kitchen needs. 

Vospeed Stand Mixer Review

Vospeed Stand Mixer
Material: Stainless steel+ABS plastic
Weight: 15.2 pounds
Size: 15.35 x 9.61 x 13.31 inches 
Capacity: 7.5 Quarts
Number of Speeds: 6 with pulse mode 
Power: 850 watts
Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Accessories Included: Dough hook, Beater, Whisk, Splashguard 
Colors Available: Black, Blue, Red, Silver


At first glance, it looked like a chic and well-polished stand mixer with a high-quality stainless steel mixing bowl and sturdy exterior. You’ll find an attachment port on the top of the stand mixer for a juicer blender. While another is at the front head for attaching a meat grinder. All these ports are covered with lids making them invisible when you see them from a distance. 

A speed-controlling metal knob is surrounded by an LED light indicating a stand mixer’s power. In addition, you’ll find a hook above the speed knob that tilts the head of the mixer to attach the accessories. 

Overall it is a compact stand mixer plus a blender and grinder, as its body can attach all these attachments simultaneously. The glass blender goes on the back half of the head of the mixer. While the heavy-duty grinder fits in front of the head of the stand mixer, giving it a compact yet sleek look. 


This stand mixer will satisfy bulk bakers even as an all-in-one compact appliance. The 7.5-quart mixing capacity is enough to make dough for five large pizzas, six loaves of bread, and many more. 

We whipped 1.2 liters of heavy cream for decoration, which helped us to decorate three cakes. So if you like to bake for an audience like us, this is the right stand mixer. 

The mixer has extraordinary mixing capacity with a top-notch blender attachment. With a 1.5-liter blending capacity, you can make juices, shakes, and soups in bigger batches. 


Its body is made of high-quality, durable ABS plastic that adds to its weight and gives extra stability while multitasking. The appliance weighs 15.7 pounds, making it heavy-duty and more robust than the Kucci stand mixer. 

Coming to its blender, we blended ice-hard fruits and hot food items. We found its thick glass body fits a range of temperatures and toughness. 

The durability of this mixer is further enhanced by its strong suction cups that keep the mixer in its place during heavy kneading. So while making stiff pasta dough or grinding tough meat, it holds its position.  



With six speed levels, it gets easier for you to control the mixing. Changing these speed levels offer a smooth transition while adjusting the speed. In addition, a pulse mode helps you quickly blitz and operate the blender. 

Thanks to its 850 watts super powerful copper motor, it allows you to multitask and offers easy mixing of stiff doughs and tricky batters for a long time. 


The performance of the blender is as smooth as the mixer. The sharp blades blend harsh ingredients like ice, frozen fruits, and nuts within seconds with smooth emulsion and a uniform blend. 

We used it to make sauces, soups, smoothies, and acai bowls, which turned out perfect. It operates best on pulse mode and gives quick blending in a shorter time. 


With a high-quality metal body, the meat grinder makes mince extremely easy and manageable. Whether chicken, beef, or lamb, it grinds a range of meat quickly and smoothly. Powered by a heavy-duty 850 watts motor, grinding meat is not a tough job anymore. 

Another thing to mention about this multipurpose stand mixer is its overheating protection mode. With its built-in heat sensors, the mixer automatically shuts off once it overheats. It makes the appliance damage resistant and durable for a long time. 

Accessories & Their Performance 

Vospeed all-in-one stand mixer comes with three accessories that are discussed below: 

  • The dough hook is made of high-quality Teflon-coated stainless steel. We use it for kneading the dough for bread, pizzas, and pasta. It works best on slow speeds of 1-3 levels and kneads a good dough in five minutes. 
  • The second attachment is the flat beater used to make emulsion sauces, mix sticky batters, choux pastry, custard, and shred and mix chicken and salads. It works best on 2-4 speed levels. 
  • The third attachment is the wire whisk which is made of stainless steel. We use it to whip heavy creams and egg whites and make emulsion sauces. It also works great for making cakes and ganache and frostings. 
  • The last attachment is the splashguard which prevents all the splatters from the mixing bowl while using the stand mixer. It also has an inlet that allows you to add ingredients in increments without stopping the stand mixer.

All these attachments are dishwasher friendly and easy to attach.


Buying a stand mixer, blender, and grinder separately will cost you a fortune, but the Vospeed stand mixer won’t. It was a shocker for us that this three-in-one stand mixer was much cheaper than the three items bought separately. It saves space and a ton of money, which is definitely worth its price. 


  • Three in one.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact.
  • Good capacity.


  • Heavy.

Our thoughts on Vospeed Stand Mixer 

Today we penned down a detailed Vospeed stand mixer review which is not only a stand mixer but comes with a built-in blender and meat grinder. With six speed levels and a powerful motor, it performs all three tasks up to the mark. 

Serving as the perfect blender, grinder, and stand mixer, this stand mixer not only aces the performance but also is super budget-friendly. So, check out its color, price, and availability on this date.

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