Aucma Stand Mixer Review – Is it Worth it?

Cooking in big batches needs a stand mixer with great capacity and enough power to mix and knead the bulk of the dough – which is challenging to find. Who can understand this better than passionate chefs like us? 

We conducted 12 hours of research and shortlisted 14 stand mixers to find the best stand mixer boasting affordability without compromising performance. Finally, after tons of heavy lifting and dirty work, we are here with Aucma stand mixer review.

Aucma 6.5-quart 660W stand mixer became our favorite for its big mixing bowl and uniform mixing action that doesn’t heat up because of its high power 650-watt motor. However, you need to know more before deciding to buy it. Let’s explore the full review below for it. 

Aucma Stand Mixer Detailed Review

Aucma Stand Mixer
Material: ABS+Stainless Steel
Weight: 5.3kg
Size:15.2 x 9.4 x 12.4 inches
Capacity: 6.5quarts (4 liters)
Number of Speeds: 6 and a pulse mode
Power: 650 Watts
Dishwasher Safe: No 
Attachments Included: Whisk, dough hook, splash guard, mixing beater
Colors Available: Black 


If you love to make big batches of cookies and dough, Aucma stands mixer will never disappoint. Its 6.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl easily holds 1-1.2 kg of flour and other dry ingredients that swiftly makes dough. This large capacity is perfect if you have a big family to treat every weekend or often hold large gatherings at home.

This mixer easily holds and mixes up to 4 liters of batter. So, you can also use it for your small baking business. Its mixing bowl has handles on both sides, so you can easily hold and pick up the heavy mix.


At first glance, it looks like an exquisite and premium stand mixer with a shiny black exterior and metal stripe. It has a universal black color complements all kitchen and appliance setup styles.

When turned on, a blue LED ring lights up around the speed regulator, indicating its power. Even though it’s a minimal detail, we liked it a lot as it speaks for its power status. 


It weighs only 5 kg, which is half of the weight of the KitchenAid KSM150PSOB Artisan Series, but the durability is the same. The Aucma stand mixer’s body is made of ABS plastic, making it lightweight. 

The double-coated paint gives it a shiny finish and provides scratch protection, making it new with one wipe after every use. So even if you use and abuse it daily, it will look as good as the new mixers. In addition, there are powerful suction cups at the base that prevent the mixer’s wobbling under heavy load. 


Aucma mixer’s performance makes it worth it for baking lovers and small cooking business owners. This mixer kneads the most complicated dough within 10 minutes without heating, all thanks to its 650-watt powerful motor.

This high-power motor kneads up to 1.2 kg of dough and batters uniformly and doesn’t slow down under heavy mixing.

The six-speed settings starting from slowest to highest, help to regulate the mixing speed according to your liking. We like that whipping and mixing wet and dry ingredients in increments is easier with the pulse mode.

When it comes to the mixer’s sound, it has minimal noise. It’s safe for your ears with less than 75 decibels of noise. 


Being easy to use and install, Aucma stand mixer is our favorite for its effortless use. There’s a lever above the speed dial, which tilts the head above by pulling down. Then after removing and replacing your attachment, push the head down and start mixing.

There’s a round speed dial on the lower side of the mixer. To increase its speed, rotate the round dial in a clockwise motion. The dial has no grip, so make sure you use clean hands to change the speed.

While making big batches of pizza and cookie dough, you needn’t hold the stand mixer as its sturdy build easily handles the load. 

Attachments & Their Performance 

The Aucma stand mixer comes with three attachments and a splash guard. The attachments include a beater, a whisk, and a dough hook.

● Putting a spotlight on the splash guard. It connects with the head of the mixer and prevents splashing of ingredients. The cross hatchet on the splash guard allows you to add and mix ingredients in increments without stopping the mixer.

● The first attachment comes the dough hook. The hook is designed to reach the deepest part of the mixing bowl, thus mixing uniformly. The best speed for dough hook attachment is 1-3, as it aids in smooth kneading. Getting to a higher speed sometimes results in dough getting hooked to the attachment, which you can scrape with your hands or a scraper.

● Second, the beater is perfect for making batters and creamy cookie dough. The beater scrapes and mixes the ingredients from all sides, giving a fluffy and creamy texture. Using the beater on 3-4 speed always provides a perfect mix. Unless you want an airy batter like for a chiffon cake, increasing the speed for the more airy mixture is better.

● Lastly is the ever-known whisk. Upon using it at the highest speeds, it gives stiff meringue and is good at whipping egg whites up to desired peaks in minutes. It’s a perfect choice for frostings and whipped creams.

Insider Tip: Start with the beater attachment to soften the butter when making buttercream. Then, once it’s airy enough, switch to whisking and add other colorings and ingredients.

One thing to note is that even though these attachments are not dishwasher safe (because their coating oxidizes in the dishwasher) yet they are easy to clean. One wipe with a rag or a quick rinse will make these attachments clean.


Great capacity, high power motor, versatile speed settings, and easy to use. Does it come under the affordable price range? Absolutely! 

After considering its ability, the other thing that caught our sight was its affordability. Compared to KitchenAid KSM150 and Cuisinart SM-65BCC Precision Master, it costs way less and has similar qualities and durability with a large bowl. 


  • Great capacity.
  • Sturdy built. 
  • No overheating.
  • Smooth mixing.
  • Easy-to-use attachments.


  • Not dishwasher friendly.

Our Thoughts on Aucma Stand Mixer

We penned down this detailed Aucma Stand Mixer review after considering, using, and evaluating all its features, built, and ergonomics. It’s a perfect stand mixer if you have big families or own a small baking business, as it smoothly mixes the batter and dough in bulk. 

There are no overheating issues; making big batches of batters and other goods is easy in a few minutes. It comes with all attachments. All you need to do is plug in and start mixing.

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