FRIGIDAIRE ESTM020-BLACK 4.5L Retro Stand Mixer

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If you’re looking for a stand mixer that performs well but won’t break the bank, we can help. As a home chef, we also came across this issue and researched 20+ stand mixers investing 40+ hours. We found Frigidaire stand mixer s reliable, affordable, and efficient during our research. 

This stand mixer is compact yet has an excellent 4.7-quart mixing capacity. In today’s edit, we will sharing a complete Frigidaire stand mixer reviews so you can witness its durability, performance, power, and affordability and make an informed buying decision.

Frigidaire 4.5L Retro Stand Mixer Reviews

Material: Plastic+stainless steel 
Weight: 7 pounds 
Size: 9.21 x 14.5 x 11.29 inches
Capacity: 4 litres (4.7 quarts)
Number of Speeds: 8 and a pulse mode 
Power: 300 watts 
Dishwasher Safe: No 
Accessories Included: Whisk, beater, dough hook, splash guard 
Colors Available: Black,blue,butterfly,mimosa,pink, red,rose gold bowl, silver, white 


On first look, it looks like any retro stand mixer with a speed dial, well rounded smooth body with a horizontal metal stripe, and a shiny stainless steel bowl. The exterior is well-polished with no sharp corners and has an appealing look. 

The stand mixer is petite and compact, making it easier to fit in smaller kitchens. Also, it is available in many colors, so you can choose one that matches your kitchen aesthetics.


Even with the compact-looking design, this stand mixer has a 4.7-quart mixing capacity. It means that making two dozen cupcake batter, five pizza doughs, and two dozen cookie doughs won’t be a problem. 

To our surprise, we observed that the Frigidaire stand mixer performs best in bulk mixing and kneading. So please don’t hesitate to add more ingredients and let it work. 


Even though it is made of ABS plastic body, it promises sturdiness and durability. It performs well under heavy load without shaking or wobbling so you don’t have to hold tight against its body. The stand mixer only weighs 7 pounds, lighter than KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer who demand a lot of effort for moving. 

No matter how stiff the dough you put, these suction cups would held it well. To remove the stand mixer’s grip from the base, you need to slide the mixer in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion to loosen the grip. 

In addition, the 4.5 liters 304 stainless steel mixing bowl is corrosion resistant and doesn’t leach off its coating on adding hot or acidic products. So you don’t need to worry about the durability as it is as long lasting as the Cooklee stand mixer. 


It was surprising for us to discover that a retro stand mixer has incredible performance. The 300 watts old-fashioned copper motor kneads tough dough effortlessly. Although you need to rest the machine after every six minutes of using it, its still worth for the perfect dough and batter it offers. 

With eight speed levels, you can easily control the mixing per your requirement. Compared to Acuma stand mixer, the speed levels are faster, hence quick mixing. In addition, it also contains a pulse mode for blitzing or speedy incorporation of ingredients. 

The head tilt mechanism allows soft change of attachments and mixing bowl. We liked that once you push the lever to tilt the head, the mixer shuts off automatically for protection. We wished the head tilted farther, but it works well, especially if you have a small kitchen. 

What we appreciated the most is that many stand mixers lack planetary mixing action, but this one has it. Thanks to this planetary mixing action, you can get a uniform, non-clumpy dough, and batters. Even though you need to scrape the base once in a while during mixing, it gives a well-kneaded dough and smooth batter. 

If you’re the one who doesn’t like noisy machines, then you’re going to love the Frigidaire stand mixer. It makes less noise than a hand mixer, and it’s comfortable to work and chat around. 

Accessories & Their Performance 

Its accessories include four items: a dough hook, a beater, a whisk, and a cover, which are discussed in detail below. 

  • The dough hook is the first attachment of the appliance. It is made of die-cast aluminium, which enhances its durability. It’s of great use for making stiff pizza dough and pasta, bread, and much more. Use it on the initial three-speed ranges to get the perfect dough. 
  • Another accessory includes its die-cast beater that is used to mix sticky batters, cookie dough, and ganache. It will be your favourite attachment if you are into making banana bread, puddings, and sugar cookies. 
  • The metal whisk allows you to beat meringue, egg whites, and fluffy cake batters. This attachment works best for making chiffon cake, cheesecake, and pavlova batters. However, using it on the high-speed range would be best to get the ideal results. 
  • The last accessory is the splash guard, a lifesaver for you if you don’t want splatter all over your kitchen wall and floor. All you need to do is twist and lock the splash guard to prevent unnecessary splattering of ingredients. 


If you’re new in the stand mixing world or super tight on budget, this stand mixer is an excellent choice. It is easy on the pocket and provides a mix of essentials and a remarkably satisfying performance. The performance and its affordability hit a good mark on our review board and make it a great stand mixer for small families and beginners. 


  • Compact design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Super affordable.
  • Thorough mixing.
  • Low noise.


  • Needs to rest after six minutes.

Our Thoughts on Frigidaire Stand Mixer 

Frigidaire stand mixer is a compact retro steel stand mixer that fits all kitchen styles. The 4.7-quart capacity makes mixing and kneading adequate batches of dough and batters at a time more manageable. 

Also, the 300-watt motor, combined with 8-speed levels, gives quick mixing in less time without making the mixture lumpy, thanks to its planetary mixing action. Our favourite part is that it is affordable and easily fits everyone’s budget. 

So if you’re looking for a stand mixer that performs well, is super affordable, and comes in various colours, check out Frigidaire stand mixer’s price, color, and availability on this date. 

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