What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need in My Kitchen

What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need in My Kitchen?

Anything that offers a hand-free option in the kitchen is worth buying. A stand mixer offers you different mixing and shredding tasks. You have to keep different things in mind when buying it. However, the first question will be, “what size stand mixer do I need?”

Choose the stand mixer size totally depends on your needs: mini (2.5-3.5 quarts for small families), average (4.5-5 quarts for standard use), or large (6-7 quarts for bigger families). Consider ease of use, kitchen space, and cleaning when making your decision.

In this post, you will get detailed answer to all your queries related to different sizes, where and when to use a particular size stand mixer. So let’s get started.

What Size Stand Mixer Do I Need?

Size is among the first things to consider when buying a stand mixer. You have to choose the right one according to your requirements and space in the kitchen. As a first-time buyer, your first concern will be, “what size stand mixer is Right for me?”

Following is a detail of different sizes of stand mixers. It will help you pick the one that suits your kitchen needs the most.

Option#1: 2.5 – 3.5 Quarts Mixer

Sizes ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 quarts come under the mini-sized stand mixers. They are suitable for small families. You can use it for small quantities of ingredients. However, it’s not that small as it will make dough for 5 dozen cookies at a time.

It will easily fit anywhere in your kitchen as it is mostly around 12.3 x 7.8 x 12.3 inches in dimension. It’s the portable version of stand mixers. Moreover, it’s also easy to store due to its smart size and weight of around 14 pounds.

Option#2: 4.5 Quarts Mixer

It’s the average size mixer that is commonly used in houses. Its overall functioning is similar to the smaller one. However, the total capacity is more remarkable. It will hold 7 cups of flour for making any dough.

These are good for making dough for almost 7 dozen cookies. This size of 4.5 quarts mixers is mostly 11.25 x 8.7 x 13.9 inches in dimension, and they weigh around 20-22 pounds.

Option#3: 5 Quarts Mixer

It’s too included in the average-sized category of stand mixers. It is suitable for slightly bigger families or when you need to make some extra dough. It is suitable for making 9 dozen cookies at a time.

Apart from cookies, it can mash 7 pounds of potatoes at a time. It will knead the bread dough enough to make 4.5 loaves of bread. You can also fit a 5-quarts bowl on a 4.5-quarts mixer. It will take 14.3 x 9.3 x 14 inches of space on your kitchen counter, and it weighs around 25-26 pounds.

Option#4: 6-7 Quarts Mixer

With a capacity to contain 14 cups of flour, this mixer is best for bigger families. It is suitable to make dough for 13 to 14 dozen cookies at a time. A maximum of 8 pounds of any dough can be made using this mixer.

The bigger the stand mixer, the more space it will take. However, if you have a huge family and 9 x 7.25 x 17 inches empty space on the counter, it’s for you. The weight of a 6-7 quarts mixer is 29-30 pounds.

Apart from the above mixers, bigger-sized mixers are also available in the market. But these are not suitable for domestic purposes. They are commercial and range from 8 quarts to 40 quarts or even more.

Why Should You Buy a Stand Mixer?

A stand mixer costs more than a standard hand mixer. It will make you think about why you should buy it instead of a hand mixer. Here are the reasons to spend money on getting a stand mixer.

Reason#1: Effortless to Use

The first reason to purchase a stand mixer is that it doesn’t require effort. You have to hold a hand mixer as long as you use it. It makes you tired. Contrary to that, a stand mixer is a hands-free option. You just have to switch it on and fix the speed and it will do the rest.

Reason#2: Time Saving

Using a stand mixer for mixing, mashing, and shredding will save a lot of your time. You can use it when doing other tasks as it does not need babysitting. It will decrease the preparation time of your cuisine.

Reason#3: No Mess

Using a stand mixer doesn’t create any mess in your kitchen. A hand mixer results in splashing that indeed creates a mess. While in a stand mixer, all the ingredients will remain in the bowl. They will mix appropriately without creating any mess.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Mixer

Though you have known enough about sizes, consider the following things when buying a stand mixer. It will help you to make a wiser choice.

  • Make sure that it fits all your requirements. You should never buy a bigger one if you have a small family or vice versa.
  • Your kitchen must have enough space for the mixer you have chosen. 
  • It must be easy to clean. A stand mixer with most parts being detachable is a wiser pick.
  • Noise is something compulsory that comes with your stand mixers. Don’t buy the one that makes offending and unbearable noises.


We hope all of your queries must have been resolved by now. You no longer have to wonder about what size stand mixer you should buy.

Remember, a 2.5-3.5 quarts mixer is best if you have a small family. A 6-7 quarts mixer is a wise choice for a vast family. Its large capacity will help to make bigger meals. However, the most suitable size of stand mixers is 4.5 or 5 quarts because these are equally suitable for small and large quantities.

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