Kuppet Stand Mixer Review

Kuppet Stand Mixer Review-A Compact Magic Mixer?

Are you a baking enthusiast lacking space for a big, bulky stand mixer? We have got you covered. After testing 20 stand mixers for 40+ hours, we found the Kuppet stand mixer which checks these boxes and is the best among the rest.

It is compact and the perfect fit for small families and gives perfectly mixed batters and doughs without forming clumps. In this article, we will give you a detailed Kuppet stand mixer review and share what we baked using it and how it turned out. 

So you can understand if this stand mixer will address your baking needs. 

Kuppet Stand Mixer Review

kuppet stand mixer
Material:Stainless steel+Aluminium+ABS plastic 
Weight: 7.6 pounds
Size: 9.2 x 14.4  x 11.7inches
Capacity: 4.7 quarts
Number of Speeds: 8 and a pulse mode
Power: 330 watts
Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Accessories Included: Dough hook, Beater, Whisk, Splashguard, Egg white separator
Colors Available: Red, Blue 


The Kuppet stand mixer is sleek and high-quality, with a well-polished body and bowl. This stand mixer is compact, cute-looking, and easily fits compact kitchens. 

We found this stand mixer aesthetically pleasing and a big space saver. It easily fits small cabinets and only occupies a little space on the kitchen countertop. It has a high-quality plastic body with a metal stripe on top. 

You’ll find the speed-controlling metallic knob near the base. The knob is surrounded by the light, which lights up when you plug in the stand mixer. 

A lever above the knob helps tilt its head to add and remove the attachments. It has a well-rounded body with a well-polished exterior and compliments a range of kitchen designs and aesthetics.


If you don’t enjoy bulk baking or managing heavy kitchen appliances, get a Kuppet stand mixer. It has a 4.7 quarts capacity, enough for small families and people who like experimental baking. 

It easily incorporates seven egg whites and makes dough using 500 gm of flour. We found it useful for beginner bakers. This size gives uniform mixing and kneading enough to make two large pizzas and a cake. 


One thing we are sure of is that its compact design doesn’t affect its durability. The housing is made of high-quality ABS plastic that is scratch resistant and durable. In addition, this housing makes it weigh only 7.6 pounds, making it easier to carry than a Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer. 

Its durability is enhanced by its strong four suction cups present at its base. These cups hold tight against the kitchen countertop and facilitate smooth mixing under heavy load and high speed.  


Compact and powerful, this stand mixer’s performance surprised us. The high-speed levels allow you not only slow mixing but fast whipping action. Besides eight speed levels, you’ll also get a pulse mode that will enable you quick blitzing and incorporation of ingredients. 

To test its speed, we knead a soft bread dough at the slowest pace. On increasing the kneading action, we found that the speed transition was very smooth, and even on heavy kneading, the momentum remained constant. 

This constant powerful mixing is aided by its 330 watts motor. It maintains the speed while mixing and prevents overheating for a long time.

We used the stand mixer for more than 10 minutes, and to our surprise, it didn’t overheat. After 15 minutes of usage, it got a little warm but didn’t affect the mixing. 

Accessories & Their Performance 

Like any standard stand mixer, it comes with a beater, dough hook, splash guard, and wire whisk. 

  • Talking about the dough hook, its best use is for making doughs ranging from soft pizza dough to stiff pasta dough. It works best in 1-4 speed levels and easily kneads a well-rounded dough in 5 minutes. You should only know that it is not dishwasher safe, so you need to hand wash it. 
  • Coming to the flat beater is best for making choux pastries, buttercream, thick and sticky doughs, and ganache. It gives optimal results on 2-6 speed levels. We also shred chicken on pulse mode and make hollandaise sauce. It is dishwasher friendly.
  • Wire whisk makes airy and whipped cream egg whites, loose cake batter, and frostings. It works great on the highest speed levels and pulse mode and is dishwasher-safe. 
  • To prevent the splatter, a splash guard attaches above the mixer shaft to prevent splatter while mixing. It is dishwasher safe and has a hatchet that allows you to add ingredients without stopping the mixing. 

The Kuppet stands mixer comes with an additional accessory that includes an egg white separator. This helps bakers like us quickly separate egg whites and yolks.


Just like it is compact in design, it’s also small in price. This stand mixer is budget friendly and is an excellent option for not only beginners but also for families under tight budgets. 


  • Compact design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Strong grip.
  • Good power


  • The dough hook needs hands washing .

Our Thoughts on Kuppet Stand Mixer

Today, we shared a detailed Kuppet stand mixer review which describes all its features and performance. This stand mixer is compact and sleek, making it suitable for small spaces with performance up to the mark. 

With eight speed levels and a powerful motor, it makes perfect doughs and batters without creating any mess or clumps. It’s also affordable, a reasonable option for beginner bakers and those on a tight budget.  

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