OSTBA stand Mixer Review

Ostba Stand Mixer Reviews: Unveiling the Sturdy All-Metal Performer

If you’re a passionate baker, you’d know that many stand mixers wobble under heavy loads, making mixing challenging. But not anymore. We found the superstrong Ostba stand mixer, which is sturdy and rigid, after reviewing 20 stand mixers for 40+ hours.

Ostba stand mixer influenced us with its sturdiness and durability because of its high-quality metal housing and attachments, making it stable under tricky mixing. But is it the only feature it is most raved for in the market? Let’s discover in this Ostba stand mixer reviews.

Ostba Stand Mixer Reviews

ostba stand mixer review
Weight: 19.7 pounds
Size: 14.8 x 8.74 x 13.97 inches 
Capacity: 5.5 quarts 
Number of Speeds: 8
Power: 600 watts 
Dishwasher Safe: No
Accessories Included: Dough hook, Beater, Whisk, Splash Guard 
Colors Available: Blue 


Ostba has a high-tech metallic look, giving it an advanced and modern vibe. A rounded body and metallic finish make it suitable for all aesthetics.

Its body is slim and well-rounded, with a meat knob on its base having an LED light as a power indicator. There’s a button between the head and neck of the stand mixer that, on pressing, tilts the head of the stand mixer.

Made out of high-quality stainless steel, it has a shiny look and a scratch-resistant body. The well-polished surface keeps the housing in good shape and is easy to clean with a wipe of a cloth. If you run short on time and are looking for a mixer that demands less effort, this is the ideal choice. 


Are you an enthusiastic baker or have a small family for your loved ones? The Ostba stand mixer will entertain you well. The 5.5-quart stainless steel bowl quickly makes two dozen cookies, two dozen muffins, and one regular cake for six to eight people.

We kneaded 4 pounds of dough in this stand mixer. We also used 1200 grams of flour to make these doughs. It gave us smooth and well-kneaded pizza dough for making three pizzas.


Compared to Hamilton Beach and Vivohome stand mixers, the durability of this stand mixer is tenfolds. It’s all because of its stainless steel housing. Its exterior is made of pure metal, making it sturdy and resistant to many forces.

This housing also makes it heavy, making it weigh 19.7 pounds. This heaviness prevents the mixer from wobbling. Its body is also rust-proof, and all parts are well connected, keeping it in good shape for years to come. 

Integrated with strong suction feet, it offers a tight grip on the countertop and prevents budging.


Its eight-speed levels help you to get precise mixing and kneading experience. You will get the slowest to fastest mixing speeds from soft dough to meringue. The transition between speed levels is smooth despite the load.

To aid smooth mixing, it is equipped with a 600-watt pure copper motor that smooths the mixing process without overheating. It mixes the most challenging doughs and batters within minutes.

Our favorite feature of this stand mixer is that it automatically shuts off when it overheats, preventing internal heat damage. So if you didn’t realize the motor is turning hot, your mixer will still be safe. 

Coming to its mixing action, the planetary mixing motion provides a wide range of mixing, especially while kneading with a dough hook. However, you need to scrape the sides and base of the mixing bowl once after a few minutes of mixing.

Accessories and Their Performance

Its accessories include:

  • A Teflon-coated stainless steel dough hook helps knead soft to stiff doughs. It gives the best result on low-speed levels and gives non-lumpy and smooth dough.
  • The other is the flat beater for making batter, custard, ganache, moving salads, and shredding chicken. It is also Teflon-coated stainless steel and hives ideal results in 3-5 speed levels. It’s also suitable for making pie crust and salad dressings.
  • The third is stainless steel whisk, mainly used for making light and airy mixtures. We used it to make meringue, whipped cream, frostings, emulsion sauces, and marshmallows on 5-8 speed levels.
  • To protect it from all splatter, it has a transparent splashguard that attaches to the mixer to prevent all the mess around. Also, there’s an opening at the side of the splash guard so you can add ingredients in increments without stopping the mixer.

One thing to mention is that these attachments are not dishwasher safe. Nonetheless, they are effortless to clean. All you need to do is put them under warm water and scrub it with dish soap.


Getting an all-metal high-performing stand mixer sounds like an expensive item to buy. However, the Ostba stand mixer is sturdy, all metal, durable, and affordable. If you’re a beginner or want a sound mixer at affordable prices, then this stand mixer is for you.


  • Sturdy metal body.
  • Heat protection.
  • Smooth mixing.
  • Good capacity.
  • Affordable


  • Sides need scraping during mixing.

Our Thoughts on an Ostba stand mixer

We gave you detailed Ostba stand mixer reviews and discussed that it’s one of the sturdiest stand mixers out there because of its all-metal body. Its heavy exterior allows it to take more load than standard stand mixers.

Its eight-speed levels and powerful 600-watt motor aid the fast mixing. The 5.5-quart capacity suits small families and regular bakers just beginning their baking career or practicing. Check out its color, price, and availability on this date.

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