Why Won't My KitchenAid Stand Mixer Turn ON

Why Won’t My KitchenAid Stand Mixer Turn ON – Reasons and Easy Fix Guide

A KitchenAid stand mixer is a valuable addition to your kitchen as it opens the door to a new culinary world. However, sometimes, it may start after trying various times. It ultimately leads to a lot of frustration, as delaying your baking tasks is something you will never want.

Upon facing this problem, the main question to arise in your mind will be: “Why won’t my KitchenAid stand mixer turn on?” Don’t worry! We are here to answer your questions. Today, we will tell you the possible reasons behind this problem.

Why Is My KitchenAid Mixer Not Turning On?

Your KitchenAid stand mixer will not turn on due to various reasons. Let’s delve into the most probable reasons behind this situation.

Reason#1: Improper Maintenance

Maintaining your KitchenAid stand mixer is critical to keeping it working smoothly. When you fail to do so appropriately, it will not turn on.

Reason#2: Inadequate Power Supply

The stand mixer needs a power supply to start and perform tasks. If this supply is inadequate, the mixer will not turn on. The problem can be in the power cord. If it’s defective, the current will not pass through it. Sometimes, the concern in the outlet can also inhibit the power supply to the mixer.

Reason#3: Overheating

Overheating is one of the primary reasons your KitchenAid stand mixer is not turning on. It can be due to overloading or frequent use. Specific mixers by KitchenAid come with a thermal overload protection switch. It turns the mixer off upon overheating and doesn’t let it start until it cools down.

Reason#4: Malfunctioning Brushes

KitchenAid stand mixer’s motor uses carbon brushes. They are not made to serve for a lifetime. Over time, they stop working. As a result, the mixer will not turn on. Sparks and unpleasant noises from the motor indicate the malfunctioning of brushes.

Reason#5: Speed Control Lever

A speed control lever is present on the mixer to change speed settings. When it’s not set to zero, your mixer may not turn on. A damaged level can also lead to this case.

Reason#6: Incorrect Placement of Attachments

KitchenAid stand mixers are well known due to their wide variety of attachments. But when these attacks are not placed appropriately, the mixer won’t work. Apart from that, the placement of the bowl can also have a role.

Reason#7: Safety Features

KitchenAid stand mixers are made keeping security in mind. These features can stop your mixer from turning on in certain situations. The most common security features are listed below.

Head Locking Mechanism

This security mechanism is present to ensure that the mechanism of the mixer is adequately fixed in place before starting it. If it’s in its place, your mixer will get started.

Overload Protector

This protector is present in most of the mixers by KitchenAid. It turns off the mixer when overloaded or overheated. Apart from that, it will not let the mixer start in case of a power surge.

Circuit Breaker

It is one of the most valuable things to prevent heavy damage to the mixer. This circuit breaker will pop out in case of any trouble with the power supply. As a result, the mixer won’t turn on.

Bowl-Lift Level

A Bowl lift lever is present in some specific stand mixers. If this lever is not appropriately engaged, the mixer doesn’t perform any task.

Reason#8: Dead Motor

Sometimes, your KitchenAid stand mixer’s motor may become dead. It will not receive an electric current that leads to a non-starting mixer. The engine can be dead due to lack of proper care, mechanical problems, manufacturer’s fault,  or wear and tear of different parts over time.

How To Fix This Problem – Effective Solutions

After discovering why your KitchenAid stand mixer isn’t turning on, the next thing you need to focus on is: “What to do if KitchenAid stops working?” Understanding the reasons will only help once you know how to fix the problem. Therefore, we have all the practical solutions to fix this problem. Let’s delve into these solutions.

Solution#1: Maintaining Your Mixer

The first thing that can be helpful in this regard is maintaining your stand mixer. Proper cleaning is the key thing to do in this regard. Also, keeping it at 30 to 40 degrees Celsius is a crucial maintenance tip.

Solution#2: Check Power Supply

Fixing the power supply matter can help in dealing with this situation. Start it by checking the outlet to ensure the power is coming. Then, pay attention to the power cord to ensure that it’s conducting and delivering the current to the motor.

Solution#3: Cool Down Your Mixer

If the mixer is not turning on due to overheating, then simply cooling it can help in this regard. Unplug the mixer and let it rest until its temperature decreases. Use it in intervals to avoid overheating again.

Solution#4: Replacing Brushes

Sparks and noises from the motor indicate that the mixer is not working due to the malfunctioning carbon brushes. Replacing these brushes can make your mixer functional again. Pursue the following steps to replace these brushes.

  1. First, unplug the mixer and locate the brush caps on the motor housing. Typically, they are round-shaped plastic covers present on each of the housing.
  2. Remove brush caps by turning them clockwise.
  3. It will expose the brush springs and carbon brushes. Slide them out carefully.
  4. Now it’s time to install new brushes. Make sure they are seated perfectly and are correctly connected to the motor.
  5. The job is done. Screw the caps back and test the stand mixer.

Solution#5: Read the Manual

If the mixer isn’t working due to improper placement of attachments, then this solution will fix it. Read the manual to understand the right way to fix attachments on the stand mixer.

Solution#6: Resetting the Security Features

Security features that are based on sensors, such as will reset automatically. Cooling down the mixer, checking the speed control system, securing the mixer’s head in its place, and replacing the circuit breaker will reset the security features. Reading the manual will help reset your systems and make your mixer functional.

Solution#7: Contacting Professionals

A dead motor, malfunctioning speed lever or panel, and other similar issues cannot be fixed with some basic knowledge. To get them fixed, you need to contact professionals.

Note: Whenever you observe your KitchenAid stand mixer is not turning on, first of all, check the guarantee. If applicable, you can save the money required to hire professionals.


As promised, we have delivered a detailed answer to: “Why won’t my KitchenAid stand mixer turn on?” The primary reasons your stand mixer is not working are overheating, improper maintenance, errors in power supply, and security features. Also, a dead motor, malfunctioning carbon brushes, and a defective speed control lever can lead to this situation.

A non-starting mixer can be fixed by maintaining it properly, checking the current supply, and replacing defective parts. Resetting the security features can also do the job. If you cannot solve this problem, hiring professionals is the right choice.

Knowing the reasons and methods to fix a non-starting mixer enables you to keep your mixer functional. No more delays in baling as with the solutions above in your hand, you can troubleshoot your mixer immediately.

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