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Kitchenaid Mixer Attachments & Their Uses

You can improve your culinary skills by using multiple attachments, whether included in the box or purchased separately. It is undoubtedly one of the market’s most adaptable and functional stand mixers. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, these attachments are simple to use and quick to learn. Want to know more about these attachments and how to use them?

Here is a complete guide to help you with that!

6 Kitchenaid Mixer Attachments Included with the box, and their Usage

KitchenAid mixer includes a few basic attachments to get you started on your culinary journey. Let’s start with the tools you’ll find in your newly arrived box: a mixing bowl, dough hooks, multiple beaters, and a wire whip.

#1 C-hook Attachment

C-hook Attachment

This dough hook is shaped like a C and is excellent for kneading dough. It pushes the dough side by side in the mixing bowl to evenly distribute the ingredients.

Uses and Benefits: The C-hook attachment helps you cut your kneading time in half. It’s ideal for soft doughs like pizza and bread, making the tedious process of baking bread more enjoyable and quick. 

#2 The Spiral Hook


The spiral hook is a modified version of the C-hook. Instead of moving the dough side by side, this attachment scrapes it off the bowl for better kneading.

Uses and Benefits: It’s mostly used for harder-to-work-with doughs like yeast, pastries, and rolls. Most professional chefs prefer this modified attachment because it simplifies kneading stiff dough to the desired stretchiness.

#3 Flat Beater


The flat beater, also known as the paddle, is one of the most common KitchenAid attachments in any home. It’s multipurpose, highly versatile, and is mostly used for baking. 

Uses and Benefits: A flat beater makes batters of all types and aerates them to the perfect consistency. With each use, you can bake your favorite desserts sweet and fluffy.

#4 Flex Edge Beater


A flex edge beater is a blissful upgrade to our favorite flat beater attachment. Not only does it do all of the mixings, but it also scrapes the sides of your bowl with its silicone or rubber edge. 

Uses and Benefits: This attachment allows you to thoroughly combine all of your ingredients in a short timeframe. It eliminates pausing your mixer, scraping the batter, and running it again.

#5 Wire Whip


A wire whip attachment is a gift from KitchenAid for all bakers. Because of its ballon-like shape, it allows you to incorporate air into your batter or creams within no time. 

Uses and Benefits: Whip out meringues, frostings, and all kinds of baked goods for your upcoming occasion. 

Thanks to its thin and widely spread wires, you’ll be able to create a fluffy and light consistency for all your mixes in just a few minutes.

#6 Pastry Beater


Our favorite pastry beater is a new KitchenAid attachment that has just been released. It cuts the cold, hard butter through, converting it into flaky bits and even incorporating it into the flour. 

Uses and Benefits: Since its introduction, the pastry beater has been a source of joy for all pastry lovers. Throwing the butter into a bowl of flour instead of manually pressing it into the flour eliminates all the difficult work.  

It doesn’t end there, this attachment also allows you to mash veggies of different types.

Other KitchenAid Mixer Attachments You Need to Try

In addition to the ones included in the box, KitchenAid offers highly versatile attachments now and then. 

This way, it facilitates you to expand your culinary skills in the simplest yet most efficient way possible. Here are a few basic KitchenAid attachments that you should definitely know how to use.

Pasta Maker


One of the most underrated experiences you’ll hear about is making homemade pasta in the comfort of your kitchen. It’s less expensive and simpler than you might assume. KitchenAid includes two of these attachments: a roller and a presser.

Uses and Benefits: As the name implies, the roller attachment rolls the pasta dough into a smooth sheet. The presser attachment cuts the sheet into the desired pasta shape.

Both of these add-ons are simple to install and clean. It also allows you to make fun little pasta shapes and spend quality time with your children without making a mess.

Food Grinder 


Grinding your own meat and vegetables at home allows you to experiment with various flavors worldwide. And a high-quality food processor does just that. 

Uses and Benefits: Make a variety of sausages, patties, and meat pies from scratch. This attachment allows you to adjust the flavors while also ensuring the quality of your ground meat.

Additionally, by directly attaching it to the mixer, you also save a significant amount of counter space.

Juicer and Strainer


For the price that KitchenAid offers with its juicer attachment, it is nearly impossible to find an electric juicer that performs this well. 

Uses and Benefits: Using the “chewing” method, this attachment extracts every last drop of juice from your fruit. 

As no heat is used during the process, all healthy nutrients and enzymes are preserved and ready to boost your energy throughout the day. 

The included strainer catches all the seeds and skin in one place, making the stinky mess much easier to clean.

Sifter and Scale Attachment


KitchenAid has come up with yet another innovative idea to make cooking easier than it has ever been. 

With the sifter and scale attachment, you can measure out all of your ingredients in one spot. Therefore, reducing the number of dishes you’ll need to clean in the end.

Uses and Benefits: This new attachment lets you sift up to 4 cups of dry ingredients at a time. 

Its battery-powered sifter can also be used separately or as an easy-to-use attachment during your baking sessions.

Ice Cream Maker 


There’s no need to buy a bulky ice cream machine when you can just buy a simple attachment for your favorite KitchenAid mixer. 

Uses and Benefits: Freeze your mixing bowl and add all of your favorite flavors. A 2-quart batch of ice cream takes less than 30 minutes to make. 

It’s also great for making sorbet, ideal for a hot summer evening with family and friends.

Peelers, Spiralizers, Shredders, and Slicers


Most of your time spent preparing a good home-cooked meal is spent shredding, peeling, and slicing all your veggies. And there’s no way you’re going to waste your money on pre-packaged, chemically preserved ones. 

As a result, this KitchenAid attachment is a must-have in your home.

Uses and Benefits: This all-in-one attachment prepares you for cooking by allowing you to peel, slice, and shred in a few minutes. 

To add to the fun, slicing your vegetables into thin sheets with a spiralizer is a great way to enjoy them. It’s similar to eating lasagna noodles but much healthier.

Grain Mill Attachment


KitchenAid has created the best attachment for bread makers who have been in the game for a while. 

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Uses and Benefits 

The days of manually churning your own flour for a cup of cranked grain are long gone. This grain mill attachment allows you to churn out fine flour in minutes. 

Rice, corn, wheat, you name it. This attachment makes your flour as smooth as you like for your recipe.

Shave Ice Attachment


When the heat of summer hits, it’s time for a big bowl of flavorful shaved ice. There’s also no need to buy an ice cream shaver when your KitchenAid stand mixer can do it for you. 

Uses and Benefits: Allow your imagination to run wild with the flavors, and shave as much ice as possible in just a few minutes. With an easy-to-clean design, this can also be a fun little activity to do with your kids.

Precise Heat Mixing Bowl


For all the food lovers out there who also turn out to be chefs, this heat mixing bowl is going to be your end game. 

Uses and Benefits: This attachment maintains the temperature of your bowl up to 2 degrees apart and is great for multiple uses. Making fondue, tempering chocolate, and proofing dough, this attachment does it all. 


Over the years, KitchenAid’s highly versatile, innovative attachments have never let us down. Most of them are not only inexpensive but also practical and simple to use.

These attachments do everything, from making sweet sorbets to grinding meat for the perfect homemade sausage. 

You can make ice cream, proof bread, slice vegetables, and press pasta. KitchenAid is always on your side when it comes to creating new flavors.

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