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Kuccu Stand Mixer Reviews- A new Savior Stand Mixer?

Are you looking for a sturdy and spacious stand mixer? Not anymore, as after researching 20 stand mixers for 40+ hours, Kuccu stand mixer fits all the requirements of an ideal stand mixer.

We like its great capacity paired with a strong build, essential for passionate home chefs like us. But that’s not it, so we’re sharing detailed Kuccu stand mixer reviews that delve into every detail and function so you can be certain if it’s worth buying. 

Kuccu Stand Mixer Reviews

kuccu stand mixer
Material:Stainless steel + Silicone
Weight: 15 pounds
Size: 11  x 17.5  x 14.5 inches
Capacity:8.5 quarts (5 liters)
Number of Speeds: 6 and pulse mode
Power: 660 Watts 
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Accessories Included: Dough hook, Beater, Whisk, splash guard 
Colors Available: Black, Gold, Red, Silver 


As a baking enthusiast, we liked that it has better capacity than most stand mixers. The 8.5 quart aluminum bowl holds enough dough for three pieces of bread, five pizzas, and quite handsome servings of pasta using 1 pound of flour. 

In addition, it makes batter for three cakes. Three dozen muffins and whip two dozen egg whites quickly. It easily holds five liters of flowy batter while giving uniform mixing. We like that the two handles on the mixing bowl helps steadily hold the heavy mixture. 


It has a very standard yet classic appearance. The shiny exterior was the first thing that got our attention. It has a premium finish on unboxing due to its polished and well-designed surface. Its plastic body doesn’t affect its look or quality. 

To control speed levels, there is a metal knob with six-speed levels. A blue LED light surrounds the knob. It turns on once you power up the stand mixer. Above the speed knob, you will find a lever that tilts the mixer’s head on pushing it. 

All the edges of the stand mixer are well polished and give it a refined look. Its compact design allows it to fit in small kitchens running low on space yet complimenting multiple themes.   


On hours of testing, we are sure there is no lack in its durability. While using the mixer, you won’t need to hold it as it doesn’t wobbles on excessive load. Also, the head is well connected to the mixer’s body, enhancing stability. 

The strong suction cups hold the stand mixer in its place firmly. The stand mixer weighs 15 pounds, adding to its stability and ability to mix stiff dough without wobbling. 

What impressed us is its high-quality stainless steel mixing bowl which we used rigorously and didn’t get any scratches or damage. Instead, it was good as new with one wash. 

As baking enthusiasts, we found it sturdy and well-designed to take heavy loads, and we are sure that it is as durable as a Cuisinart stand mixer. 


After kneading all sorts of dough and mixing batters of different consistencies, one thing we got for sure is that it has top-notch performance. The 600 watts motor made it easier for us to work with semi-hard doughs and thick and sticky batters. 

With powerful motors, you’ll get six-speed levels starting from the slowest and ending at the fastest. During bulk mixing, the speed transition from one level to another was smooth and gave us airy, well-mixed batters. 

Alongside six speed levels, you’ll also find a pulse mode for quick incorporation or blitzing of ingredients. We used the pulse mode for shredding chicken or making biscuit dough, as it does the job in seconds without heating the ingredients. 

If you’re afraid that you’ll damage your stand mixer under continuous heavy mixing, then don’t worry. With its heat sensors, Kuccu stands mixer automatically shuts off when overheated, preventing it from any damage. 

The attachments are designed to be close to the sides of the mixing bowl. They aid in scraping the ingredients and incorporating them into the mixture, giving you an airy and well-mixed batter. 

If you are a baker who likes quick mixing, this stand mixer will work best for you. For your safety, this stand mixer also stops mixing automatically, so there are no splatter or accidents once you tilt the head of the mixer. 

Accessories & Their Performance 

Kucci stand mixer comes with the following accessories 

  • The first one is the Teflon-coated aluminum dough hook used for kneading dough. It kneads doughs of all consistency, and for the best results, use it on 1-3 speed levels. It took us 5 minutes to knead soft pizza dough. 
  • The next one is the beater, which is also made of Teflon-coated aluminum and is mainly used to make thick batters for crepes, sponge cakes, ganache, and dough for all types of cookies. It is close to the sides and base of the mixer, so it properly scrapes and mixes the batter without forming any clumps. Use it on 3-5 speed levels for best results, and gradually incorporate the dry ingredients with the wet ones. 
  • The third attachment included the stainless steel metal whisk, best for whipping eggs and heavy cream, making pavlova, and airy doughs for sponge and chiffon cake. It gives quick and best results in fast speed levels. So make sure to use it on 4-6 speed levels. 
  • The last attachment includes a splashguard. It connects to the top of the mixer and prevents splattering and mess in the kitchen. It has a hatchet which allows you to add ingredients in increments without stopping the mixing. 

Connecting the attachments with the tilt head mechanism is more manageable. All you need to do is push and rotate to secure them. All these accessories are dishwasher friendly and give uniform mixing. 


Our favorite part is that the Kucci stand mixer is more affordable than various stand mixers. It is perfect for prominent families on a tight budget or small baking business owners. Considering its durability and impressive performance, it is much cheaper and fits our checklist of what a great stand mixer should be like. 


  • Great capacity.
  • Double handle bowl.
  • Sturdy.
  • Uniform mixing.
  • Automatically shut off on overheating.


  • Heavy.

Our Thoughts On Kucci Stand Mixer

Our Kuccu stand mixer reviews include everything you need to know about this mixer. It has a tremendous 8.5-quart capacity, which aids in bulk mixing and, with uniform mixing action, scrapes the bowl sides and gives a properly mixed batter. Also, the high-power motor improves dough kneading in a short time. 

In addition, it prevents any overheating damage by automatically shutting off when the mixer starts to heat up. The six-speed levels and all the attachments provide proper bulk mixing while being budget-friendly.

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