Where to Store Stand Mixer

Where to Store Stand Mixer Smartly?

Where to Store Stand Mixer? Store your stand mixer on the kitchen countertop for easy access and a stylish display. Alternatively, consider space-saving options like pull-out organizers, baking cabinets, appliance garages, or mixer lift cabinets for efficient storage in smaller kitchens.

We agree wholeheartedly that the stand mixers are a lifesaver. They make even the most difficult baking tasks a breeze.

The only drawback of the stand mixer is that it’s so heavy. Because of this, it’s challenging to bring it out of the back of your kitchen cupboard, especially the larger models of their mixers.

However, I have got many creative storage solutions for those times when inspiration strikes and you need to whip out your stand mixer.

What to Consider While Storing the Stand Mixer?

When it comes to storing your kitchenaid stand mixer in the right place, there are three things to keep in mind.

1. The Stand Mixer Shouldn’t Look Out of Place

Your kitchen is the heart of your hearth. You cannot allow any kitchen appliance to ruin its look.

Therefore, while storing the mixer, make sure to keep it at a location where it looks appealing and not out of place.

2. Keeping it Handy

When you decide to bake a cake, you wouldn’t like to go through the hassle of taking a heavy stand mixer out from a faraway place. 

Therefore, choose a storage spot closest to your prep/baking area to make meal prep easier.

3. Protecting Your Stand Mixer

If you intend to keep your pretty-looking stand mixer on the countertop, you will have to shield it from environmental hazards.  

Therefore, the practical approach is to invest in a lovely stand mixer cover to protect it from dust and grease.

Where to Store Stand Mixer? 5 Storage Ideas

Whether you’re looking to tidy your kitchen counter or make a Kitchen style statement, you’re sure to find the ideal storage solution on our list.

Option#1: Kitchen Countertop

The best and most convenient location to keep your stand mixer handy is on the counter.

A stand mixer with an iconic design isn’t worth much without the opportunity to show it off now and then.

Locate a spot on your countertop near your food prep and baking areas. Mini stand mixers are an option if counter space is premium in your kitchen.

Option#2: Pull Out Organizer

You can store and use the stand mixer on the countertop when you have adequate counter space. On the other hand, some of us do not have this privilege.

The mixer will likely be stored in a cupboard or shelves if you have a tiny kitchen. Cabinet storage is good, but taking your mixer out whenever you want to use it can be a pain, mainly if you bake regularly.

Pull-out organizers for stand mixers will alleviate this difficulty. They’re composed of solid wood and built to withstand the weight of your most prized kitchen appliance.

A pair of hardwood shelves are attached to the side of your cabinet, and they fit snuggly at the base. You can use a pulley system to expand the stand to show your mixer.

Option#3: Baking Cabinet

Another most straightforward and cost-effective approach is to use an existing bottom cabinet as a baking cabinet.

Keep your stand mixer in the same place as all other baking equipment for easy access and straightforward storage.

Option#4: Appliance Garage

Appliance garages are returning in kitchens everywhere, thanks to the rise of countertop appliances.

If you’re looking for a secure and beautiful place to keep a stand mixer, you can consider an appliance garage.

An appliance garage is a basic countertop cabinet with changeable doors to an extravagant floor-to-ceiling cabinet. It is a perfect place to store and exhibit your stand mixer.

Option#5: Mixer Lift Cabinet

The most effective storage idea that works in a tiny kitchen is Mixer Lift, a heavy-duty lift solution.

With this mixer lift cabinet, you can even access heavy mixers with a 45 lb capacity without hassle.

This drawer is comparable to a pull-out drawer, except it lifts to the same elevation as your countertop.

This mixer-lifting device doesn’t require a new cabinet because it works with any custom-made shelf.

Also, this gadget holding device glides smoothly in and out of the cabinet. After you are done with your stand mixer, you can pull the mixer lift and slide it back into the cabinet in a second.

How to Store Stand Mixer Attachments?

Now, after storing the stand mixer at the right location, the question that comes to mind is where to put the tools that come with it. Do we store them in a cutlery drawer and lose them between spoons, forks, and knives?  

No, that wouldn’t be convenient, right!

Here are 2 ways to store the stand mixer accessories and never misplace them again.  

The Stand Mixer’s Deep Bowl

Your mixing bowl is the most straightforward storage choice.

Why Not? After all, the mixing bowl is so spacious. So, why leave it empty and find another place for the connecting tools.

Suppose you don’t want your brand-new bowl to get scratches or your accessories’ nylon coating to flake off. In that case, place a cloth in your mixing bowl and stock the attachments on top of it.

This method works when you simply have the regular baking attachments for your mixer. However, it’s not ideal for a vast collection.


An efficient and practical way to organize tools that come with your kitchen appliances is to use pegboards.  

The garage or storeroom is where they generally hang, but who’s to say you can’t hang one in your kitchen?

Pegboards are a storage design that has the added benefit of looking cool and adaptable. Attachments can be hung from hooks, placed in baskets, or even built into shelves.

Pegboards are also an ideal storage choice because they can support a vast number of utensils.

Pro Tip: Ensure that the pegboard is adequately fastened to the wall if you intend on keeping a large number of accessories!

Bottom Line

By now, you must have learned how to store stand mixer and display it to flaunt your kitchen-style statement.

The countertop is the perfect spot to place an eye-catching stand mixer.  However, if your countertop doesn’t have enough space, a pull-out drawer, baking cabinet, appliance garage, and mixer lift are the perfect storage option.

Similarly, the bowl and pegboards are brilliant storage ideas for the stand mixer accessories.

Choose one of these practical options to store your stand mixer and keep your kitchen spacious and clutter-free.

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