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Costway Stand Mixer Reviews Through Test and Trials  

If you run short on space in your kitchen and want a stand mixer that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll love the Costway 3 in 1 stand mixer. As an enthusiast and home chef, we had a similar situation and were browsing for a reliable stand mixer. 

To overcome this situation, we researched 20+ stand mixers investing 40+ hours. Ultimately, we found Costway a perfect solution. We were amazed to observe that this stand mixer has a built-in blender and grinder.

Today, we are here with Costway stand mixer reviews to share our experience with this stand mixer. So you can know if it’s up to the mark and will match your expectations.

Costway Stand Mixer Reviews

COSTWAY 3-in-1 Stand Mixer
Material: ABS plastic+stainless steel 
Weight: 18.5 pounds 
Size: 13.5  x 7.5 x 23 inches 
Capacity: 7 liters (7 quarts)
Number of Speeds: 6 and pulse mode 
Power: 800 watts 
Dishwasher Safe: yes 
Accessories Included: 2 beaters, dough hook, whisk, splash guard, blender, meat grinder 
Colors Available:  black, red


Upon unboxing, it looks like a standard stand mixer, but on closer inspection, it does have an attachment center for dough hooks and whisks. On the top back is a port to attach a juicer blender, and on the front head, another port connects the meat grinder.

It is big enough to hold three different appliances all in one machine without occupying much space. Its compact design makes it suitable for a small kitchen, including three devices while occupying one room.

In addition, there’s a speed dial that controls all three attachments. There’s a hook slightly above the dial that tilts the head up in case of changing the mixer’s attachments.

Overall it has a sleek and hint look with a metal grinder, mixing attachments, and a glass blender on the top, saving your cabinet space while being classic. 

Time Saver

As we said earlier, it comes with two attached gadgets besides a stand mixer. So, you can also use the blender and meat grinder simultaneously.

To test this theory, we used a meat grinder while making a smoothie, and guess what? Both things were done at the same time. Grinding a pound of beef took a few minutes while getting a perfect smoothie.

So instead of using different appliances in your kitchen, it will give you multiple products simultaneously.


After a thorough usage, we found this stand mixer plus grinder and blender as durable as it’s versatile. Even though not metal, its body is made of high-quality, heavy ABS plastic that effortlessly takes the heavy mixing load.

Strong suction cups are present on the base of the mixer for additional stability. These cups have a firm grip that holds steadily to your kitchen countertop and doesn’t budge while using them.

Like the appliance, the mixing bowl and blender are so durable. The mixing bowl is made of 304 stainless steel. So if you add piping hot items to the mixer, it will not rust or lose its luster. It has a 7-quart capacity, so you can quickly knead 500-1000 grams of dough or batter at a time.

The blender jug is made of high-quality glass and blends the most challenging ingredients. In conclusion, the overall durability of this stand mixer is as good as the Kitchenaid PS150 Artisan stand mixer.


Firstly, it comes with six-speed settings with an additional pulse mode. The speed transitions are smooth and easy to use for beginners.

Stand Mixer 

Firstly talking about the stand mixer, its powerful 800-watt motor kneads the most challenging dough in a few minutes. We kneaded a stiff tortilla dough in it within five minutes. And even at the highest speed, the dough didn’t ride up nor slow the mixer. 

With this high-powered motor, it quickly makes enough batter for five dozen muffins and simultaneously handles kneading 1 kg of dough without malfunctioning.


Coming to the meat grinder, the sharp blade makes coarse and fine meat up to your liking. The powerful motor aids in grinding the most rigid meat pieces within seconds. It took us ten minutes only to grind five pounds of meat. 


Lastly comes the juicer blender; it is on the top and operates from the same speed dial as the grinder and mixer. The sharp blades of the blender quickly grind and blend various vegetables and make juices, slices, soups, and slushes within minutes.

Using the speed dial to control the blender’s speed would be best. It also works with the pulse speed in case you want coarse blending.

What we like is that you can use a grinder and blender simultaneously. Both give the best results when being used simultaneously without overheating. Plus, it will save you a lot of time. So if you plan to buy all these appliances separately, this stand mixer is one wise solution.  

Attachments & Their Performance 

It has four accessories, two beaters, a dough hook, a stainless steel whisk, and a splash guard. Below we have mentioned the difference between the two beaters. 

  • The first attachment is the simple beater. It works great for making soft cookie doughs and buttercream, sauces, and ganache; using it on 3-5 speed levels is better to achieve the best results.
  • The second attachment is a beater with rubber pads on its edges. It scrapes the sides of the mixing bowl rigorously while mixing it. It is an excellent attachment for working with sticky and thick batters, like making brownies or thick cake batters.
  • The third attachment includes a dough hook that needs all kinds of pizzas, pasta and tortilla doughs, and much more. This attachment kneads four servings of pizza dough in less than ten minutes if you use it between 1-3 speed levels.
  • Fourth comes the Stainless steel whisk. You will surely enjoy this attachment if you want to make whipping cream, meringue, loose cake batter, whip egg whites to produce peaks or create a thin crepe better. You can start on the 3rd speed level and go to the max for the best results.
  • Last is the splash guard that attaches above the rest attachments and prevents ingredients from splashing on the counter. In addition, the hatchet on the side allows you to add the ingredients incrementally without stopping the mixer.


Buying a juicer blender, a meat grinder, and a stand mixer will cost you hundreds of dollars. What if we tell you you can get all these three items for the price of one? That’s right; this stands mixer costs much less than buying three separate appliances while having top-notch performance. Also, it saves a ton of space in your kitchen, making it fair for the price. 


  • Multipurpose.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact.
  • Affordable.
  • Separate scraping beater.


  • Bland design.

Our Thoughts on Costway Stand Mixer  

With a limited budget and space, including separate appliances in your kitchen is hard. That’s why we gave you a detailed Costway 3 in 1 stand mixer review. It is a stand mixer, blender, and grinder all in one. 

Even though it has built-in three appliances, it has a structure similar to a standard stand mixer, works the same way, and each part gives you the best performance. It blends ingredients smoothly, grinds the meat to perfection, and mixes the dough and batters like a pro.

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