COOKLEE Stand Mixer Reviews

Cooklee Stand Mixer Reviews – A Big Mixer Worth Buying?

If you’re a small bakery owner or enjoy feeding your large gathering of friends and family with delicious treats, you’d know making one, two, or even three batches of cookies or muffins just won’t be enough. You’d need a powerful stand mixer to mix large quantities of batter and dough in just a few minutes. Luckily, we’ve found a reliable appliance to help you out in the process.

After going through several stand mixers with different features, capacities, and performances, our eyes, hands, and hearts settled on the Cooklee stand mixer, which is not only an efficient stand mixer but has a 9.5-quart mixing bowl to make dozens of muffins worth of batter in one go. 

With a 660 watts powerful motor and ten-speed levels, this stand mixer performs under all situations. Below are the detailed Cooklee stand mixer reviews that will give you a bigger picture of its performance and reliability. So, let’s get started. 

Cooklee Stand Mixer Reviews

COOKLEE Stand Mixer
Material: ABS+Aluminium+stainless steel
Weight:  5.5kg (12.3 pounds)
Size: 16.6 x 10.6 x 14.2 inches
Capacity: 9.5 quarts (8.9 litres)
Number of Speeds: 10
Power: 660 watts
Dishwasher Safe: Yes 
Accessories Included: Dough hook, beater, whisk, splash guard
Colors Available: Nero nemesis, champagne, pink


When we put it straight out of the package, we couldn’t believe the mixer’s appeal. At first sight, you would think that it looks like a genuine version of a toy mixer which is shiny and well-sculpted that suits a dollhouse. In reality, it is a working stand mixer.

The edges of the mixer are rounded and have a wide shank that gives it a firm connection of the base with the head. There’s a round metallic dial with ten-speed settings surrounded by a right blue ring. That ring will tell you if the mixer is on or off.

Even though it is a mixer with an enormous capacity, it easily fits all kitchen types and designs because of its compact size.

Bulk Mixing 

If you have a home-based bakery business or love to bake cookies, bread, and pizzas, you’ll stand its capacity. This mixer comes with 9.5 quarts of a stainless steel mixing bowl. We mixed three dozen worth of chocolate chip cookie dough at a time, and there was no overload.

In addition to making cookies, the Cooklee stand mixer quickly makes enough dough for 3-4 bread and 5-6 pizzas and makes it easier for you to whip more than two litres of heavy cream for cake decorations.


Unlike the Kitchenaid 150PS artisan and Cuisinart precision master series, it’s not made of all metal. The body is made of ABS plastic and aluminium, weighing only 12.3 pounds, making it easier to carry around your kitchen if you want to. The attachment hooks are steel, so there is no rusting when used in rugged conditions.

One thing that for sure will impress you is the supreme suction cups at its base. The suction of these cups is as strong as and keeps the unit from wobbling even under heavy dough mixing.

The handle of the mixer might show a bit of wobbling while mixing. However, this isn’t a big deal as it doesn’t affect the performance or damage the mixer.


You’ll find 10-speed settings and an additional pulse mixing on the speed knob. The transition is smooth, with one being the slowest and ten being the fastest. Unlike Hamilton Beach electric stand mixer, which has seven speeds, Cooklee gives you more control over mixing. 

The addition of pulse mode made it easier for us to make blitzing recipes like a cookie crumble and achieve accurate peaks in meringue and creams. 

Whether you’re using the mixer for making 30 cupcakes or five big pizzas, this mixer is reluctant to heat up, all thanks to its 660-watt copper coiled motor. Its high-powered motor makes it easier to knead, mix, and whip big batches in less than 10 minutes. 

About speed and mixing action, it claims to have 59 touchpoints and aids in the uniform mixing of batters and doughs. However, it would help if you scraped the dough from the bottom as it leaves some residue at the base. 

Attachments & Their Performance 

In the Cooklee stand mixer package, you’ll find three attachments and a splash guard. These attachments are a whisk, a dough hook, and a beater. 

  • The splash guard is transparent and made of plastic. It also has a hatchet on one side that allows you to incorporate additional ingredients in increments without stopping the mixing. All you need to do is clip it above the attachment hook, and it prevents all the splashing of the mix. 
  • Cookle’s beater is best for making cookies and salad dressings. We loved it for mixing chocolate chip cookies and banana bread batter as it incorporated all the ingredients smoothly. For a perfect mix, the beater works best in the 2-4 speed range. You can also use it for making fluffy pancakes. 
  • Another attachment is the sturdy dough hook. The hook is Teflon coated to reduce corrosion and improve its kneading action. It easily kneads the toughest dough, including pizza, pasta, sourdough, and baguette dough. We like that even in bulk kneading, the dough doesn’t go up the hook, unlike in Aucma stand mixer, which usually happens. This attachment works best on 1-5 speed levels. For best results, start the dough on the lowest speed and incorporate wet ingredients in increments. 
  • The last attachment is its stainless steel whisk which is best for making icings, whipping egg whites, and making all sorts of meringues and ganache. You’ll get optimal results with this attachment by using a 6-10 speed range. But don’t keep it on high speed for too long in case of whipped heavy cream, or it will cause splitting of cream.

To connect and replace these attachments from the mixer, all you need to do is press the lever on the side to tilt the head, twist to attach or remove the extension and tilt it back to lock it in its original place. 

All these attachments are dishwasher friendly, so you don’t need to scrub them with your hands. 


What if we tell you that this Cooklee 6-in-1 stand mixer, which has an impressive capacity, power, excellent speed range, and is easy to use, is super affordable? Yes, it is very budget-friendly and affordable for all families and new baking business owners who cannot spend hundreds of dollars on heavy stand mixers.


  • Excellent capacity.
  • Sleek design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Doesn’t wobble under heavy load.


  • Residue sticks at the bottom.

Our Thoughts on Cookle Stand Mixer 

That’s it on Cooklee stand mixer reviews with a 9.5-quart mixing bowl. It’s ideal if you are looking for big and spacious stand mixers. The unit has a high-power motor that doesn’t heat up and an intelligent design that only occupies a little space. 

The 10-speed settings provinces fluffy and smooth mixing of dough and batters. Plus, all the attachments are dishwasher friendly. You can find all these great features in this affordable mixer, making it a steal deal.

This stand mixer comes in champagne and pastel pink colours, making it aesthetic. Check out its colours, price, and availability on this date.

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